Thursday, September 18, 2008

Using Fun Resources - Print Your Own News Article!

I am one who loves to incorporate unique item onto my scrapbook pages. So when I found Get, I just had to try it out! I decided to create a newspaper article about our trip above the Arctic Circle to Barrow, AK, and this is what I came up with.

Barrow Sentinel

Hubbs Family Swims in the Arctic Ocean

Barrow is the northernmost settlement on the North American mainland and in the United States. Owing to its location 320 miles north of the arctic Circle, Barrow's climate is cold and dry and is classified as a polar climate. So its surprising that the Hubbs family chose to take a swim in the frigid waters of Barrow's Arctic Ocean.

After their adventure, they were spotted running toward a waiting cab.

I then printed and trimmed the article and used it on a layout about our arctic "swim"!

I hope you will love this idea as much as I do...and I also hope you will share your creations with me should you decide to use!

Supplies for Arctic Fun:

Poolside (CherryArte)

Beach, Red (Making Memories)

Snowflake Punchies (All Nigh Media, Emagination)


NICOLE said...

oh how cool!! tfs!

Monica said...

So nice to see you scrapping again!! Great idea with the blog Susan!