Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Layout Contest - Favorite Vacation Place (deadline 30 Sept '08)

We recently returned from a three week vacation in Alaska so of course I'm hyped about scrapping the experience! I took well over 5000 pictures so you can imagine that it has taken me a good, long while to pare those down to a manageable size for an online album.

If you are interested, you are invited to view the albums here.

I'm sure you are thinking that's all well and good, but what about the contest?!!!!!

After visiting two times, I can say without hesitation that Alaska is my favorite place on earth to visit. (Heck, I might even move there one day!)

So what about you? Where is your favorite vacation spot? Let me see it in a layout and send it to me at before 30 September, 2008. I will pick my three faves and post them here on the blog. The three winners will each receive a Clear Flower Stamp by Rhonna Farrer!

What are the rules? Just two!
  1. Only one layout entry per person for this particular contest
  2. Must be based on your favorite vacation spot
Yes, the layout can be posted elsewhere online or in print.
No, it doesn't have to be a new creation.
Bonus points for using product offered in our etsy store!
Bonus points for creativity and uniqueness!
Bonus points for using one of the Shack Sketches! (tell me if you used a sketch)
Your implicit permission to post layout entries to our site is understood.

So, go ahead and fill up my mailbox...let me see those layouts!

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