Friday, January 15, 2010

We Survived

With the recent Haiti earthquake disaster in the news, it got me thinking how very lucky we have been in escaping our own disasters. Though nowhere near as devastating as the Haiti earthquake, we managed to survive a dastardly hurricane named Charley with only home loss of life or desperate medical needs, as is being experienced this week.


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On Friday, 13 September, 2004, category 4, Hurricane Charley, hit Florida's gulf coast with sustaned winds of 145 mph and made its way directly to Orlando. With reported gusts of 105 mph, the eye of the storm passed directly over our area in the dark of night, destroying our pool screen enclosure, blowing water into our air vents and into the house, and taking down trees, gutters, and shingles.

In our neighborhood, we lost a few material things, some big and some small, but we didn't lose sight of what's important. Being one of the few houses that miraculously had power the next day, we invited our friends and neighbors to come over, enjoy the air conditioning, use the stove, coffeepot, and other essentials.

The guys, wanting to feel useful, helped us remove the pool screen debris and then seemed more than content to sit outside and take in the storm's aftermath. I can't help but notice how the expressions on their faces reflect some of the shock and strain that we had all just experienced, but also the contentment and thankful hearts that we all shared, knowing that we had safely survived a true disaster

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