Friday, October 1, 2010

Halloween Photo Tip - Jack-o-Lantern Photos

Take jack-o-lantern photos at dusk. Avoid shooting jack-o'-lanterns when it's completely dark. Although a shot of the glowing portions of a jack-o'-lantern alone can be beautiful, the photo is more effective when the pumpkin's overall shape is evident. Shoot just after sunset when the sky is still a deep blue, or simply turn on a porch light and arrange the jack-o'-lantern so the area behind it is softly lit.

Turn Off Flash for Jack-O'-Lantern Photos. When taking photos of jack-o'-lanterns, turn off your flash. A bright burst of light will destroy the glow emanating from lit pumpkins. If possible, place more than one candle inside the pumpkin to boost the light.

Full Credit to Scrapbooks Etc

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Almost Precious said...

Great tips ... the photos are fantastic.